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Marge The earth is spinning, we can't just stand on it!

Marge has always had a love for fitness, she was a competitive swimmer throughout her life. She part of the swim team at the University of Arkansas and when that came to an end she felt a need to find a workout that left her feeling the same endorphins that she got from being in the pool. 

She has been able to find this feeling again with indoor cycling and she can't wait to share this body and mind transformation with you! 

She works full time as a Child Psychologist evaluating children for suspected disabilities. 

" Ride Element has become my safe space to escape from work stressors, sweat, smile, and surprise myself. On the bike I love to show others that there is transformation that will happen when you simply show up for yourself! "

Follow her on IG: @marge.soderberg

Marge's Upcoming Classes
BEAT 9/27
6:00 AM 45 min
Hump Day Hip Hop (explicit)- Beat 9/28
6:00 PM 45 min
BEAT 9/29
6:00 AM 45 min

Indoor Cycling Benefits

Efficient Calories Burner
Increase Muscle Tone
Low Impact Activity
Cardiovascular Health

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