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Jerry is a Miami native, who describes himself as caring, relentless & empathetic. He always wanted to make an impact on people and to a larger extent impact a community! He found himself not being able to create that impact in a corporate environment, where working long hours, lead to him being 100lb overweight. He then made the decision to focus on his health and committed to an active lifestyle.

After losing 70lbs he built up the courage to face his public speaking fear, get on a podium & teach Indoor Cycling! After a lot of hard work and determination he was able to make Indoor Cycling his full time career! 

Jerry is living proof that with discipline and determination you can achieve not only physical transformation, but most importantly, a mindset transformation that will lead to a healthier, happier you! 

Jerry's class is energetic, challenging and fun! His goal is to create a change of mindset that will have everyone winning TOGETHER! 


Follow him on IG: @thefitnessimpasta & @exfitness305

Jerry's Upcoming Classes
BEAT 7/24
10:15 AM 45 min
Sunday Strength 7/25
9:00 AM 50 min
BEAT 7/25
10:15 AM 45 min
TRX 7/26
6:15 AM 50 min
BEAT 7/26
9:00 AM 45 min
Double Shot (75 min) 7/26
6:30 PM 65 min

Indoor Cycling Benefits

Efficient Calories Burner
Increase Muscle Tone
Low Impact Activity
Cardiovascular Health

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