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Jason Ride hard. Vibe loud. Think positive.

Jason calls Philadelphia his home town, growing up with military parents he moved a lot, but Philly is where he feels he came into his own as an adult and athlete.

He describes himself as high-energy, determined and motivational and these 3 things really describe what he brings to a class. You will see Jason's passion for cycling and instructing in every single class, he is truly the definition of an inspirational instructor. You will laugh, cry ( in a good way) and push yourself harder than ever because thats what he makes you do! 

Jason's high-energy is contagious, so what are you waitng for? Ride with him!



Follow him on IG @jason_rideelement

Jason's Upcoming Classes
BURN 5/25
6:00 AM 45 min
BEAT 5/26
6:00 AM 45 min
BEAT 5/26
9:00 AM 45 min
BEAT 5/29
10:00 AM 45 min

Indoor Cycling Benefits

Efficient Calories Burner
Increase Muscle Tone
Low Impact Activity
Cardiovascular Health

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