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Erinn You do you!

"Exercise has been a very large and healing part of my life in so many ways. I hope to share this with others."

Erinn was hooked after she took her first cycling class 17 years ago. Since then she has been sharing that passion and energy not only as a cycling instructor, but also as a certified personal trainer and TRX Coach. 

Her class is an experience that will leave you feeling mentally and physically recharged! You will be ready to conquer whatever comes your way!

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Erinn's Upcoming Classes
Burn To The Beat 7/24
9:00 AM 45 min
Burn to the Beat 7/30
9:00 AM 45 min
Burn To The Beat 7/31
9:00 AM 45 min

Indoor Cycling Benefits

Efficient Calories Burner
Increase Muscle Tone
Low Impact Activity
Cardiovascular Health

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