Indoor Cycling + Fitness

New to Indoor Cycling?
Here's the Lowdown on What You Should Know.


Get to the studio at least 15 minutes before class and we will take great care of you. Our friendly front desk staff will help you get your cycling shoes and properly set you up on the bike!


Wear sweat wicking fitted clothes. Long tights, capris or shorts are recommended.


Make sure you hydrate before your ride and bring a large water bottle for class. Its important to stay hydrated before, during and after class.


This is YOU time, leave stress and negativity at the door. Bring positive energy and get ready to work hard!

Ask Questions

Don't be shy! Our instructors and staff are here to answer any questions you may have, we want to make sure you have an amazing experience.


Go at your own pace, like anything new it will take a couple of classes to get the hang of it. Do what you can and be proud of the fact that you showed up! We promise that you will get stronger with every ride and will be an expert in no time!