Indoor Cycling + Fitness

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A digital detox for the mind, body and soul.

Our signature class, this "party-on-a-bike" is an exhilarating, full body experience with mesmerizing playlists (featuring live DJ’s), choreography and uplifting coaching. You'll forget how hard you're working while torching calories.
*live DJ rides will be noted on the schedule


We power your ride so you can power your life.

Unleash your inner athlete with this "true to the road" class to improve speed, power, and endurance with our Element Board (optional) and Stages Power Meter technology.


We take you beyond the ride to achieve 360° strength.

For all fitness levels, PUSH, PULL and PLANK with our TRX® Total Body class! Using suspension straps and body weight, this contagiously fun class improves flexibility and strength. Come early to learn the ropes and you'll be hooked!


A cardio and strength party that will invigorate your mind and body.

Achieve body changing results with our revolutionary 60-minute hybrid class which combines indoor cycling with strength training. The Results? A strong body and beautiful mind.

Element of Surprise

Dare to be Ahmazed!

Expect the unexpected. This fun ride takes our high-intensity party on a bike to another level! Beat class with a twist, come sweat, dance, sing and be amazed!